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The first travel of many. Purpose of your travel: Finishing my work as a cook after 17 months staying in Bukarest. Wir werde viele Erfahrungen über die Welt und uns selbst mit nach hause bringen und uns freuen, wenn wir darüber berichten dürfen. Route : Germany -? Egon fuhr solo mit BMW R 1100.

Highlights : no problems at all 3 borders, to cross a part of the carpats The worst: the temperaturs, the snow, the rain and the trafic at Würzburg 30kms stop and go Book or publication: A long detailed story which you can ask via.Tesch. Ich würde also wieder mit einer GS fahren (fahre in 2006 eine R 1150 GS Adventure). Earlier Experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours: Eurasien Tour (Düsseldorf - Vladivostok) 2003 (Joe Sibirian Altai 2004 (Joe Europe up and down (Corinna) East Europe (Corinna X-Europe Recordtrip (Sinzig - Nordkapp - Sinzig Gibraltar in 9 days) Joe Corinna, Marokko 2005 (Corinna Moskau express (in 6 days). Purpose of travel: Challenge to find a region with not so much tourism / travel trough the Kurdish region. Defective thermostat of KTM LC4 in Maribor. Mit diesem Elefantenmotorrad lassen sich große Strecken mit viel Gepäck relativ locker fahren. There are very bad roads with big holes, broken rocks, gravel, tracks, sand and much other not very funny things. The best: Eigentlich alles! But besides this bullshit-police it is a beautiful country, the one-time granary of the ussr and we always met people and biker-friends with golden hearts, who helped us in any case wherever they could. My very first motor cycle holiday in 1997: 5000Km's through europe (Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Germany, Tshechie, Austria, Switserland, France, Luxemburg, Netherlands.) Publications: Not yet, busy writing book about Nortcape 2005.

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Perhaps the first tour of many? The human being and his brain is just a little part - a high complicated one - of this great nature. A snowscooter pull. 2002) and Jörg (BMF F650 GS Dakar. In total 4500 kms (3150 kms in Baltikum). Petersburg (Russland) - zurück nach Tallinn (Estland) - von dort mit der Fähre nach Rostock (Deutschland) - Hamburg - Iserlohn - insgesamt rund.000 kms Highlights:. Route : Auf, in den Kaukasus! Bad Weather every day (windy, cold, rain non-stop bad roads in Romania. Sometimes comes good things out of it like love or sometimes worst. How have the first peolpe crossed these high rock-chains when?